1/2986 Dystopian SciFi Series (3 Book Series)


Was it really only a few days ago that I held a knife to my wrist, ready to end this shit people call a life? When I still believed what everyone said about the Great Pandemic? That no one saw it coming? That we’d had no hand in wiping out ten billion lives?

People are stupid. They believe what they want to believe, what makes them feel better. Comfortable.

Truth is, we screwed up. Big time. And now I wonder… Can a girl stop the final wars with her bare hands?

“This author is amazing – non-stop, can’t put it down writing.” Rich Lovin

“…a gritty, realistic apocalypse that’s not far from our possible future.” Demelza Carlton

“…one of the most original, fascinating books I have ever read, in no small part because the protagonist is unusual and highly complex..”

The thunder of battle rolls over Taiwan. Two stand against fifty, and the price for survival is unbearably high.
“You don’t hear death leaping at you. But I can hear you dying. And I can see your body growing as grey and black as the soil that drinks your blood.”
Book 2 of the acclaimed climate fiction saga 1/2986.

A race across five thousand kilometres of ice and snow. Two people and twenty-four sled dogs on a suicide mission to end an era of surveillance and terror.

“I wonder how people back then prepared for battle; if they found it more important to win and come out alive, or if bringing down their enemies, knowing their loved ones at home remained safe was what made them go out in the first place. 
I don’t have any loved ones at home. I don’t even have a home. I don’t miss those things and never did. But should anyone ever ask me why I’m going to war against the BSA, my answer would be simple: revenge.
I cannot forgive.”
Book 3 of the acclaimed climate fiction saga 1/2986.

I’ve been a fan of Annelie Wendeberg since her first book, “The Devil’s Grin,” the first novel of a trilogy of Anna Kronberg and Sherlock Holmes set in Victorian England. I discovered this novel while exploring what else she may have written. “1/2986” is Wendeberg’s first Dystopian or Sci-Fi novel; it is an interesting novel, one that makes you think (sorry. Early Warning: “1/2986,” as most of her novels, does contain some scenes that are disturbing: some language, non-explicit sex, and some graphic violence. Regardless, if the warning does not bother you, and you are a fan of the dystopian genre and of excellent characterization – especially of a strong female character who is repressed or damaged in some way – then this is a book for you!

I have yet to read anything by this contemporary author I did not love; she never disappoints! In my opinion her characters are well defined and their response to some very challenging circumstances blow me away! I actually care about them and am rooting for their success so much I hold my breath reading her work. I always hate it when I finish the books. With other authors I am eagerly looking forward to finishing so I can go on to another book by another author. But not Wendeberg! If I don’t have another of her works to follow up with any other author will suffer in comparison.
I usually buy the ebook versions; in my experience they are full of publishing errors but Wendeberg’s are pretty much error free; error free means a lot to me as a reader. I did find two errors in the seven works I have read so far. She will only get better with time. What imagination! The amount of research she must do for her period works is staggering. How do I describe the plot? Girl is abused; becomes a sniper and then. . . . she becomes fog?! That’s right, but how is that possible? I didn’t see that coming!!!

First, you have to read Annelie Wendeberg’s bio…she was ( and is) a scientist. She left academia because of politics ( and other assorted “stuff”) but also in this equation, of leaving something she loved, was the fact that she loved to write and was damn good at it. By chance one day ( and looking for something to read that was cheap to download on my Kindle) I came across one of her books and have been a fan ever since. Book 3 of the 1/2986 series, “ICE”, is a continuation of the Micka storyline and one I have, quite frankly , been waiting for with baited breath, but now that it’s here, has proven well worth the wait. When I think back to the first book (1/2986) and to the last page I have just read, I can’t help but wonder how I got here…a very good sign that the author has taken you down a road that was unexpected and did a well enough job that you decided not to let go of the hand the story offered you. I don’t like reviews that tell too much about the story line. I instead like someone who challenges me to trust their 5 star rating…that simply say trust me, this is a journey that you will be happy you took. I am saying that to you, who read this, and wonder if they should take that leap. I am certain you will find this series as wonderful, and thought provoking as I have.


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