Contamination Boxed Set (Books 0-3 in the series)

“Captivating” – Amazon Reviewer
A best-selling series with over 500 5-star reviews!

This specially-priced bundle contains the first four books in the CONTAMINATION series: 

*Contamination Zero
*Contamination 1: The Onset
*Contamination 2: Crossroads
*Contamination 3: Wasteland
ABOUT CONTAMINATION:The infection has begun, ravaging the American Southwest and leaving a chaos in its wake. In this new world, there will be last meal, no dying wish. The only reward left is to survive another day…

I found this story interesting. I would term it zombie related. I liked the author’s view of the beginning of the apocalypse. I found his idea of how it happened to be believable. I could see things happening in that form. Call me paranoid but I don’t have a lot of faith in government these days. That a random group could have begun it isn’t far fetched to me. (I have no idea just how far this stretches to know who all is involved). The boxed set contains books zero through three. I believe the series contains seven with an eighth book that looks like it is related. There were situations that some people will say are unbelievable. That is not an issue for me. When I read a fantasy book I tend to suspend what is believable and what isn’t. If I want reality I would choose non-fiction. I cared about the characters. Really cared. The way it is written you meet a couple characters and read their story. Then you meet other survivors and read their story. Then they are together, then they separate. It might not sound like it works but it does. There is violence, gore, heartbreak, tension and lots of action. There is also love, (family type), friendship, bonds formed and hope. You see man at his worst but also the best of man. I don’t care if some situations aren’t likely to have happened the way they do. The story contains all the elements that I look for in a book. The suspense, the not knowing of who will fall victim and who will survive, the wondering of what is ahead and will the survivors meet up again are rock solid for me. I was entertained. I stayed up later than I should have to read just a bit more, (only to find a couple hours rapidly past by ), and had to deal with lack of sleep the next day. The book moves along at a good pace, (I ended up reading slower due to illness). I would recommend it to those who like books about the infected. I will be moving on to the other books in the series as too much was left hanging for me. I need to know what happened to the other survivors.

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