Canyon: A Post Apocalyptic/Dystopian Adventure (The Traveler Book 2)




Marcus Battle has left behind his home.
Now he’s on a seemingly impossible mission to find a missing child. But can he balance that responsibility with his deep, primal desire to exact revenge on the men who destroyed his solitary existence?
The world he discovers on his journey isn’t the one he remembers before a pneumonic plague called The Scourge killed two-thirds of the world’s population. It is lawless, depraved, and far-deadlier than the disease which created it.
Battle made a promise to find that child. It’s a promise he regrets more acutely with every step of the journey where he is as much the hunter as he is the hunted.

This second book is a wonderful addition to ‘The Traveler series’ by Tom Abrahams. In the first book, ‘Home’ we met a man named Marcus Battle who lived a solitary life outside of any town’s influence or interest in Texas. His trials and tribulations were painstakingly brought to life, with flashbacks of a family life and his interactions with others who threatened his very survival. But why did he attempt to continue such a hermit-like existence?

In this second book, ‘Canyon’, answers begin to emerge as Battle continues his own mission to help a runaway, Lola rescue her young son from the Cartel; the self-appointed rulers of the area.

The initial chapters vary between the current events with Battle and the Cartel, and time spent in Syria; before the Scourge event and before his wife and son. The intensity of what he faced in the Army (in Syria) is so powerful and vital to understand how and why Battle is the man he is today. His true self is revealed in such a simple and yet, intricate way with the actions that occurred so very long ago.

While I won’t delve into details and risk spoiling any part of the book, it is truly an amazing story. Mr. Abrahams’ writing is exceptional, not only in the details of every moment; entwining all of the reader’s senses, but also in his descriptions and mannerisms of each character’s ideas of morality and humanity, or lack there of. The story flows consistently and although it traverses from Battle’s past (in Syria) to present day (in Texas), the movement and evolution of the characters is not compromised. This is a book worth reading and overall, a series to invest with your time. Highly recommended and well done! 

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