Xenofall (The Wasteland Chronicles) (Volume 7)-Kyle West


With the final battle looming, the fate of the humanity will be decided. Alex Keener, Elekim, will face down Askala, the dark Radaskim Xenomind. But as Askala unleashes her final fury, the road to Ragnarok can only be paved with grit…and lives. In this explosive conclusion to the Wasteland Chronicles series, Alex will rise to the mantle as Elekim…but will it be enough to defeat Askala?

About the author

 The Wasteland Chronicles, my post-apocalyptic series, is set in the year 2060, thirty years after a meteor hits Earth. I’ve always enjoyed speculative fiction, preferably things that have dark themes. I have always believed people can find the hope to overcome their circumstances, whatever those might be. I try hard to weave those themes into my stories.

I was born in Lake Jackson, Texas, but now live in Oklahoma City. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2010 with a Bachelors degree in Journalism. Since then, I’ve published several books independently, and have plans to publish many more.


This story is one of the best sci-fi, end of world series I’ve ever read. Kyle brings out the final battle with this book, along with Alex confronting Askala with the battle of the minds. Lots of action leading up to the final chapter that keeps the pages turning.

Throughout this entire series, I really liked the way the author depicted the ‘good against evil’ theme, not only on the human side of reality, but he also incorporated a tinge of spirituality without being religious or biased toward one sect or another. It helped to maintain that foundation of hope for all mankind.

I, as the author also admitted, am sad the journey has come to a close. The characters within The Wasteland Chronicles become an intricate part of the reader becoming family, in a sense. Reaching the end of this journey I have become a part of, is cause for mourning. This speaks to the talent for prose that Kyle West has. A truly talented writer is one who can create, from the realms of his own imaginations, a world that causes the reader to become absorbed, completely, as though it were reality. This author has that ability.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Kyle West for future books. I like his style of writing and his imaginative presentations.

The Wasteland Chronicles is his seven-part post-apocalyptic series set in 2060, thirty years following the impact of a meteor in 2030. The entire series is about 450,000 words.

The series is complete, and Apocalypse is completely free on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iTunes, GooglePlay, and Smashwords. Physical copies are also available through Amazon.  Below is a list of each book in the entire series, along with their release dates and word counts:

Apocalypse (Dec. 2012) (71,000 words)
Apocalypse (The Wasteland Chronicles) (Volume 1)
Origins (Apr. 2013) (55,000 words)
Origins (The Wasteland Chronicles, Book 2)
Evolution (Aug. 2013) (62,000 words)
Evolution (The Wasteland Chronicles, Book 3)
Revelation (Oct. 2013) (73,000 words)
Revelation (The Wasteland Chronicles, Book 4)
Darkness (Jan. 2014) (73,000 words)
Darkness (The Wasteland Chronicles, Book 5)
Extinction (Apr. 2014) (73,000 words)
Extinction (The Wasteland Chronicles, Book 6)
Xenofall (June 2014) (76,000 words) 
Xenofall (The Wasteland Chronicles) (Volume 7)
So far, the series has sold over 50,000 copies.

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