Extinction (The Wasteland Chronicles, Book 6)


Time is running out for humanity in book 6 of 7 in the Extinction (The Wasteland Chronicles) (Volume 6) to defeat the encroaching forces of the Radaskim. As settlements fall and the Great Blight spreads, it falls on the New Angels to unite disparate factions before it is too late.

But the dark Xenomind, Askala, has her own plans to end humanity before that can ever happen, and only the greatest sacrifice can stop her from achieving her aims…


About the author

 The Wasteland Chronicles, my post-apocalyptic series, is set in the year 2060, thirty years after a meteor hits Earth. I’ve always enjoyed speculative fiction, preferably things that have dark themes. I have always believed people can find the hope to overcome their circumstances, whatever those might be. I try hard to weave those themes into my stories.

I was born in Lake Jackson, Texas, but now live in Oklahoma City. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2010 with a Bachelors degree in Journalism. Since then, I’ve published several books independently, and have plans to publish many more.


First things first, it is recommended that you read the first book if your planning on possibly reading this series. The first book three books The Wasteland Chronicles: Omnibus Edition (Books 1-3) also just happen to be free. But anyways this book/book series is awesome! It is about aliens coming to earth, and re-engineering all of heart’s living creatures, but it’s a very good and exciting take on the subject.

This sixth book “Extinction” has continued to meet all expectations of the first five. Once again the author takes the reader’s mind into the visual world of the Wasteland and weaves the story toward its ever wondering end, while at the same time, setting up for the exciting conclusion in book seven.

Echoing from my other reviews, I maintain that this is one of the best SCI-FI books I’ve read in a long time. The author has an imagination and writing style of some of the greats out there…such as Koontz and King. This is one author I will continue to watch and look for, in hopes of many more great reads in the future.

Looking forward to book seven and its final read in this series.


Reading order:

Apocalypse (Dec. 2012) (71,000 words)
Origins (Apr. 2013) (55,000 words)
Evolution (Aug. 2013) (62,000 words)
Revelation (Oct. 2013) (73,000 words)
Darkness (Jan. 2014) (73,000 words)
Extinction (Apr. 2014) (73,000 words)

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