Darkness (The Wasteland Chronicles, Book 5)


In the fifth installment the book Darkness (The Wasteland Chronicles, Book 5) the Vegas Exodus is at a standstill. Besieged by the Xenoswarm in the town Pyrite, they must shelter in either Bunker 108 or Bunker 84 if they are to survive the winter.

But in Bunker 84 lurks a darkness that could end the Exodus. And it may also be that the denizens of Bunker 84, known as “The Community,” are not as isolated from the events of the Wasteland as it first appears.

The Community’s leader, Elias, has his own plans for the future of the Wasteland – and those plans will change everything.

For me to have purchased this and the books previously, speaks to the authors talent. I seldom have purchased books this far into a Series. Usually by the end of book two, the plot founders and then crashes. It takes a very talented author to capture and then hold onto their audience from one book to the other. West has the talent to not only capture his audience, he also writes in a way that holding onto them takes little to no effort. This is because the readers are constantly trying to see what’s around each and every corner expecting to be surprised, and they are.


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