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Not all writers use beta readers, and not all writers offer their services as beta readers, but both of these things can serve as a huge help in our writing. Looking at it from the writer’s side first, it’s important to know what it is that you’d like your beta reader to do for your story, if there is anything in particular that you do want. Don’t be shy to ask if you suspect a weakness in any area.

In general, as well as glaring plot holes and so on, your beta reader will spot things like continuity problems, or hair that started out blonde and suddenly changed to auburn half way through the story. These are big deal issues for your future readers and often things that we miss because of our closeness to the story. For the same reason, we may leave out crucial descriptive passages or backstory…

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2 thoughts on “Beta Readers”

  1. Very nice post. When I first put myself out there as a massive fan of postapoc and SciFi media, I had no idea what a beta reader was. Soon I would find out and eventually I would have to stop. I was getting asked on a daily basis if I would read someone’s book.

    On one hand, I felt very honored that a writer would ask me (a nobody) for my opinion on their work. But it got to the point where I was doing a disservice. Too many books and not enough time. That, coupled with the fact that I ain’t the coldest beer in the fridge and often couldn’t find anything wrong other than simple grammar/spelling/punctuation issues, led me to essentially stopping doing the beta read.

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    1. Glad you liked the post. I understand your thought about “too many books and not enough time” their is a lot of excellent material out there. Like you I didn’t always concentrate on the “simple grammar/spelling/punctuation issues” I just wanted to enjoy the story and go along for the ride.

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