Contamination 7: Resistance (Contamination Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Series)

After freeing Dan and Quinn, Sandy Duncan must fight to escape the lumberyard while protecting the others she came to save. The infected lurk outside the gates.

Is the fate outside the lumberyard even worse than what she faces if she stays?

I’ve totally enjoyed this series. Book 7 gives us Sandy’s view of the happenings in this strange new world where survival, and life and death are always in question. One thing survivors have to worry about besides the monsters, is about food and water. Are they safe to eat and drink? This is a journey of friends helping friends in an apocalyptic world from the view of one woman. They are real to you. You love some of them and others you would gladly eliminate yourself. The journey for these survivors continue as they find out what caused the apocalypse. The character development is like reading about old friends and family and each page brings excitement, just when you think you’ve had enough you get more. You will be turning pages long after you should of turned the lights off and gone to bed. This series and his other series are not to be missed. You will not regret one book you buy from this author. I have had this book on pre-order since March, that is how much I love his books.

Get it on Amazon: Link below

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