Fantastic Post Apocalyptic Adventure


This omnibus edition of the best-selling Wasteland Chronicles series contains the first three books: Apocalypse, Origins, and Evolution – about 180,000 words of content.

Apocalypse: Sixteen-year-old Alex Keener must struggle for survival when the deadly xenovirus invades his U.S. Government Bunker – a virus which transforms men and animals into monsters.
Origins: Alex and friends must journey over hundreds of miles of post-apocalyptic desert to discover the origins of the deadly xenovirus. But when they reach the Great Blight, they find the virus is far more dangerous than previously thought.
Evolution: As two months pass, the xenovirus only grows in lethality, spawning monsters that humanity simply cannot match. It becomes a race against time before the virus engulfs the planet.

When I first started reading these books my mind immediately went to Fallout the video game series. A lot of the concepts in the beginning of the book seem heavily borrowed from that universe but as the story continues it branches away from the typical and introduces its own concepts and mythos. The main story is pretty good and likes to make you wonder about how certain problems will be overcome.

One thing I really enjoyed about these books was the fact that none of the characters seemed too super-human. We have all read books before where the main character is around 15-16 years old but is somehow a super soldier/fantastic military strategist but in these books that is simply not true. Several times during important battles, the main character makes mistakes and misses shots when firing which is much more realistic than some other stories.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading these books and have already recommended them to a friend. If you like Sci-fi/dystopian stories give this one a try, the Kindle version is free which makes this a great deal.

Available on Amazon:

The Wasteland Chronicles: Omnibus Edition (Books 1-3)

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