Shift Omnibus Edition (Shift 1-3) (Silo series Book 2)


This is the sequel to the New York Times bestselling WOOL series. It combines the three Shift books (First Shift, Second Shift, and Third Shift) into a single e-book in order to save the reader a few bucks. The saga concludes with DUST, which will be available in late 2013.

Reading Order:


In 2007, the Center for Automation in Nanobiotech (CAN) outlined the hardware and software platform that would one day allow robots smaller than human cells to make medical diagnoses, conduct repairs, and even self-propagate.

In the same year, the CBS network re-aired a program about the effects of propranolol on sufferers of extreme trauma. A simple pill, it had been discovered, could wipe out the memory of any traumatic event.

At almost the same moment in humanity’s broad history, mankind had discovered the means for bringing about its utter downfall. And the ability to forget it ever happened.

Immediately after finishing the Wool series, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Hugh Howey had finished Third Shift, which meant that Shift Omnibus was complete, and I could dive right into it.

Shift provides some much-needed backstory for the Wool books, namely who designed the Silos, why, and most importantly, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? (Sort of…more on that later…).

Hugh manages to do it all with his usual engrossing style. Dare I say I’m pleased to be able to see his evolution as a writer through the entire series; as well-written as all of the Wool books were from the start, I think in Shift he takes his craft to a whole different level.

I might disagree with a couple of characters’ motivations toward the end of the book, but they make sense logically–if anything, I’m transposing what I would do in those situations without putting myself in that person’s shoes. In other words, I was reading lazily.

I have to admit, though, I woke up this morning having completed 80% of it, thinking that I would read a little and be off to writing.

I finished the remaining 20% in a single sitting.

It leaves an opening for Dust, which I assume will be the thrilling finale. Just what exactly lies beyond the Silos (pun intended)? And though the ostensible motive for constructing the silos has been revealed, something tells me our crafty author isn’t showing us all the cards just yet…

So be warned: if you have a job where face time is valued and reading is frowned upon, wait until the weekend to pickup the Wool and Shift books.

But if you like well-paced writing, gobs of suspense, fleshed-out characters, and a fearless author, I’d highly recommend starting with Wool I and seeing where it takes you.

If your interested in picking it up on Amazon, here is a link:
Shift – Omnibus Edition (Silo Saga) (Volume 2)

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