Contamination 6: Sanctuary (Contamination Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Series) (Volume 6)


In a world full of danger, reprieve is only temporary. For days the farmhouse has been a place of safety for Dan, Quinn, Meredith, and John. But a new threat is emerging–one that threatens to destroy the group from the inside out. In order to get to freedom, they’ll need to survive one last journey. And that journey might cost them their lives… ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE SERIES: CONTAMINATION BOOK ZERO CONTAMINATION 1: THE ONSET CONTAMINATION 2: CROSSROADS CONTAMINATION 3: WASTELAND CONTAMINATION 4: ESCAPE CONTAMINATION 5: SURVIVAL CONTAMINATION 6: SANCTUARY CONTAMINATION: DEAD INSTINCT

I just finished all six books in the “Contamination” Series. What a ride! the basic premise of this tale is such a common one but, by no means is this a Common Story. Nope, I just meant that the driving force here is the Lust for Power and Control. Once again some Power-mad idiot believes the best way to solve the “Social Problems” is to destroy Society and start fresh. Of course, the Idiot-in-charge of the other Power-mad-idiots has promised a ‘piece-of-the-action” to them after they’ve killed everyone off. Should this sinister plot succeed, you have to wonder if these Idiots have thought through how and what they’re going to control.
This time the plan to purify the world is to spread a deadly Virus into the population through “Contaminated” foods and beverages. What the Head Idiot hasn’t expected is that there will be some small number of survivors who are immune to this virus that has, thus far, been resistant to all attempts to cure or immunize against it.

 Unfortunately for some of these survivors, many of them see this as an opportunity to capitalize on the breakdown of normal limits of behavior as they become another sadistic, cruel and deadly threat, Our early group of survivors have friends and family in various parts of the country and/or need to get somewhere other than the Salvage Yard they initially seek refuge in. Rather than remaining together and continuing to fight off both the “infected-creatures” (who are bent on devouring them with their nearly super-human strength and ability to survive all but the deadly Head-Shot) AND, the Agents of the Leader responsible for the Contamination plan. These Agents now have to seek out and destroy the survivors who are apparently immune to the Virus.
The story is told through the experiences of the Salvage Yard group as they go their separate ways. I don’t know if other reader’s will experience the same thoughts and concerns I did but I have to admit I was uncomfortable with myself. I’d like to believe I would be one of the heroic “Good-Guys” but I frequently wondered how tempted I’d be by “The-Dark-Side”. Would I look out for number one at the expense of others? Or, would I try to share precious and dwindling resources with others. There are numerous examples in the various stories for the different groups of survivors tracked in the different books in this series.
I never like to give away an ending so I’ll just say I like the conclusion of this series and that it gives the possibility for some more people’s experiences.

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Contamination 6: Sanctuary (Contamination Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Series) (Volume 6)

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