Zombie Fallout 9: Tattered Remnants


In a world overrun by zombies, one family struggles against all odds to hold on. With three vampires closing in can the Talbot family withstand the coming onslaught? Or will they become a footnote in the history of the apocalypse.

The long awaited continuation of Zombie Fallout and Talbot’s comedy of errors that is his life continues. While I thoroughly enjoyed this installment, it is a bit darker than the previous ones. But it is still Michael Talbot and there are enough laughs, chuckles and tears to keep every Talbot/Tufo fan happy.

The Eliza saga is over which led to the Demense group and the wild ride that left us breathless. But it was all a prelude for what was to come. ZF9 is the beginning of another twist in the life, past, present and future of Michael Talbot. At the end of ZF8 we get a glimpse of Payne, Charity and Sofia, the three vamps that are determined to learn who is responsible for Eliza’s death. Do they care, no but they are curious and three curious vamps are three too many. (possible spoilers) They arrive and humanity, what is left of it, will tremble once again.

The Talbot clan has regrouped and do what they do best, survive. But not without a serious confrontation that will leave everyone reeling on so many levels. However we do see the beginning of another twist in the Talbot saga, a small hint of what is to come. If you’ve been following our intrepid hero then you will immediately know as he is reminded of other realities and perhaps a glimpse of what the future holds for him. New players are slowly introduced that will undoubtedly reveal more but for now all we can do is wait for the next installment to learn more about the mystery that is Michael Talbot.

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