Zombie Fallout 8: An Old Beginning


Mike and his family escaped a vast zombie horde to find themselves imprisoned by a clandestine group that seeks global domination by the most nefarious means possible. Help is coming, in the form of a 500 year old Pop-Tart loving vampire named Tommy. Will he be enough to get the Talbots to freedom or will he succumb to monsters new and old? On top of all this Mike discovers that he is in the crosshairs of an ancient enemy and it is only a matter of time until the final showdown.

One would think that after reading ALL Mike Talbot novels, maybe you would start to lose interest in Talbot & his insane shenanigans…. Let me clarify this notion folks. That doesn’t happen, if anything it makes me want to know More and More about Mike, Tracy, Henry, BT, Justin & Travis & Trip… I could go on and on….. Mark Tufo has this ability to create a world that shouldn’t work, shouldn’t be believable but it is.

And it’s filled with so much humor & gore that I find I can’t do anything else till I finish the books. This latest installment of the Talbot Clan is inspiring, hilarious, insane, heart wrenching and so many more awesome adjectives it would take all day to list. There’s some twists & surprises I wasn’t expecting but loved!!!!! DI yourselves a favor and READ THIS!!!!! if not, you never know, maybe Mike will send Trip to try to convince you to do so & I don’t know anyone who could hold out against Trip 🙂 

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