Zombie Fallout 6 ‘Til Death Do Us Part


BT, Gary and Mrs. Deneaux race to the Talbot compound in a desperate bid to turn the tides of a lost war.
Is Michael dead? Is the question plaguing the Talbots as they prepare for the final showdown with a merciless enemy hell bent on their absolute destruction.

I thought this book was well thought out and well put together. I couldn’t stop laughing at some parts and got really sad on others. Mark Tufo did an amazing job for this book. I am not going to write any spoilers for the story but the ending was great and the epilogue made it all make sense.

I am pleased with how the story was written I have to say I think it would’ve been funnier if Mike somehow crapped out gold pieces instead (inside joke for those who haven’t read book 3) but it was awesome. Like real life some people who deserved life died, and those who deserved death managed to squeeze through and live.

When I read the first part I kept mocking the Blackest Night Comics (go read them if haven’t) and kept saying “Michael Talbot of Earth, RISE!” what I like most about the Zombie Fallout Series is that these books were about real people with flaws and so forth. I like how Mark got you really inside their point of view and thoughts so you can see where they are coming from.

There were no samurai warriors or ninjas coming to the rescue although it would’ve been cool to have a martial artist in these books but I think they’re fine just as they are. As I read this series I kept finding myself curious on my own reaction on what I’d do. I have recommended this book because some characters remind me of people that I myself know. So I recommend this book to anyone who wishes a good laugh, tears (man tears if you sit on your keys while you read this story) and a good story.

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