Zombie Fallout 3.5 Dr. Hugh Mann


Before there were zombies there was the virus….

Dr. Hugh Mann by Mark Tufo is a prequel to the The Zombie Fallout Series. If you have not yet read any books in this excellent series yet, I highly recommend that you start with Zombie Fallout, book 1, and do not read the prequel Dr. Hugh Mann until after the third book. It makes perfect sense then, but is a different story and style from the rest of the books. Zombie Fallout (book 1) sets the stage and is a better starting point.

The series thus far consists of Dr. Hugh Mann (this book, a prequel), Zombie Fallout, A Plague Upon Your Family, and The End…. Although distinct books, I am reviewing them together because that is the way that I read them. Once I finished each book, I was so wrapped up in the story that I immediately purchased the next. Cumulatively, they are an epic apocalyptic tale, which reminded me of Steven King’s The Stand and Robert McCammon’s Swan Song. Elements of horror, paranormal, supernatural, and dark humor elevate this series beyond your typical zombie fare. These elements, along with Mike’s quirky personality & fierce, protective love of his companions, make this series poignant and worth reading. Highly recommended.

Now…on to the Dr. Hugh Mann prequel. The prequel is set years before the events in the rest of the books, and only one character from the other books appears in it. There are no zombies at this point, but there is a horrible epidemic, and this book sets the stage to explain how and why the zombie apocalypse described in the rest of the books occurred. It also sheds light on several important characters in the series, and has a great, surprise, twist at the end which makes waiting for book four intolerable. The plot of this story revolves around Dr. Hugh Mann, a scientist, and the chain of events that is set off when he makes a startling discovery in the lab one day. For those engrossed in the Zombie Fallout series, it is required reading.

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